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Nex Flow Compressed air-operated products

   Air Knife

   static Eliminator

   Cabinet Cooler

   Spot cooler

   Nozzles and Jets

   Air Amplifier

   Vac Air Conveyor

   Air Wipe

   Drumvac System







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Nex Flow Air Products Corp. is a manufacturer of compressed air-operated products made to improve plant efficiency, improve energy efficiency, improve quality and enhance the environment. The product line includes air blow-off products that reduce noise levels and compressed air use, and vortex tube technology using vortex tubes for spot cooling, control panel cooling, tool cooling and other unique applications. It also includes air operated conveying products and static control technology. Nex Flow as a brand has only been around since the early part of this century but has become a world-wide name with sales in many countries around the world utilizing agents and distributors.

As the exclusive agent of Nex Flow in China, ShenZhen BrandJet company is in charge of the products sales, technical support and services.

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